Maohl's GIFT, Maohl, Markus Ohler, Jazz, Saxophon, Wien, HP Freudenthaler, Bernd Klug, Hubert Bründlmayer Bruendlmayer

Markus "Maohl" Ohler | alto & baritone saxophone
HP Freudenthaler | guitar
Bernd Klug | double bass
Hubert Bründlmayer | drums

Maohl's GIFT was founded by the German saxophone player Markus Ohler in the summer of 2007. While studying Jazz at the Conservatory in Vienna he felt bored by the idea of playing standards most of the time, so he founded this new group to realize his ideas. In 2008 the band was awarded a scholarship from the Konservatorium Wien University where the other members were also studying at that time. This scholarship enabled them to record and release their first album in the spring of 2008. From then on the band played concerts not only in Austria but more and more frequently in Germany - in front of excited audiences, as their outstanding reviews reveal. In January 2013 they released their second album In Search Of The Red Thread. The following release shows led them beside Austria and Germany for the first time also to Poland and the Czech Republic.

The intent of the music of Maohl’s GIFT is mainly to transport energy and emotions so even when things sound sophisticated, the band is still createing music more from the gut than from the brain - and while doing so, they are often playing with great intensity. Markus Ohler’s music is not merely a mixture of many different styles, although the stylistic diversityof the musicians has led to a trulyindividual “band sound”. And when the band goes on stage, it goes without saying that you can see them work and sweat, because there is really something happening – a unified band creating music together!